News: Bernard "Pretty" Purdie, Tastiest Funk Drummer of All

Bernard "Pretty" Purdie, Tastiest Funk Drummer of All

        Bernard "Pretty" Purdie is one of the funkiest drummers of all time. With his carefully rationed ghost notes and brilliantly placed hi-hat groves, its no wonder why he became one of the most recorded drummers of all time. His famous Bernard "Pretty" Purdie shuffle is one of today's most commonly sampled beats in the hip-hop industry. But you can find that is not all that he has influenced, he also very strongly influences rock drummers all over the world. In Led Zeppelin's Fool in the rain, you can find that Bonham uses Purdies shuffle himself. Here's Bernards instructional video on how to do his shuffle.

Purdy Shuffle - Instructional Video

and heres Led Zeppelin's Fool in the rain (this is actually a really cool recording of some of the out takes for the song. Bonham puts his own spin on the beat so its a little different, but you can deffinetley see the influence)

Fool in the Rain - Out Takes

Also, here is a song by the band (I'm really not a fan of them at all but) Death Cab for Cutie called Grapevine fires. The drummer Jason McGerr, does a very similar beat to the Purdy shuffle.

Here's Bernard "Pretty" Purdie website, you can check out what he's doing now.

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